So much more than a foot massage....

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Reflexology originated thousands of years ago in Egypt, China and India. It only began to gain recognition in Europe over the last century, being brought into the UK in it's present form in the 1960's.


Rather than focusing on symptoms, Reflexology works to treat the whole person and helps to restore and maintain the bodies natural equilibrium.

It is an excellent way to re-balance and re-energise yourself, boosting your bodies own natural healing mechanism. this can lead to better health and performance, gaining relief from stress, tension, stress related disorders and many other health conditions.

Reflex points on the feet relate to every organ and part of the body through a system of energy pathways.

By apply gentle pressure to these points it is possible to detect areas of imbalance, congestion and tension and then clear and re-balance these areas.

After a Reflexology treatment you will typically feel calmer, more relaxed, have an increased sense of well-being and may be likely to sleep well. 

I hold an ITEC Qualification in Reflexology

I also hold advanced qualifications in-

Reflexology for Pregnancy 

Reflexology for Female Conditions

Reflexology for Infertility

Reflexology Techniques for Babies 


50 minutes   £33