Treatments to relax and soothe the Mum-to-be


 Pregnancy Reflexology


Reflexology in pregnancy, as at any other time, is a wonderful tool to help relax and revive the mind, body and spirit. Through the 40 weeks the baby is growing in the womb, a woman's body has a great deal to do and undergoes many changes, both hormonal and physical.  These changes can cause a variety of problems, ranging from morning sickness to swollen ankles, feet and fingers. It is also a time when an expectant mother can experience strong emotional feelings.

Throughout pregnancy babies are ware of the environment outside the womb and the emotional state of the mother. As well as helping to relieve many of the common minor ailments associated with pregnancy, reflexology can help the mother, and therefore the baby, remain in a balanced and healthy state physically, mentally and spiritually.

Benefits include....

Improve circulation

Improve lymphatic drainage

Tones muscles 

Induces relaxation

Enhances sleep

Uplifting and revitalising- creates felling of well being

Reduces stress

Stimulates energy levels 

Helps prepare for childbirth 

 Just feels good and is time for you........


50 minutes  £33 


Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy is a very special time but can also be an anxious time for the Mum-to-be. It is so important to make time for yourself to relax, de-stress and look after your well-being.

Massage is a wonderful way of not only doing this but it can be helping in the relief of the aches, pains and minor ailments that can occur during pregnancy. 

Benefits include... 

Massage during Pregnancy has been proven to reduce stress hormones within a pregnant woman's body.

It also increases the level of hormones which tend to be low in women who are depressed.

It leads to a reduction in anxiety and free floating concerns. There is often an improvement in general mood following a massage.

It can be helpful in the relief of aching, tired muscles and joint pain and a reduction of fluid retention

Improves sleep due to feeling less muscle tension and generally less uncomfortable.

It is an opportunity for you to completely relax and have someone do something just for you... 

 During the massage you will be fully supported in a side lying position to reduce any strain on your body.

Not available during the first trimester or if you have a high risk pregnancy.


60 minute massage  £38